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Mane Satin and Organic Jersey Cotton Cotbed Fitted Sheet

Mane Satin and Organic Jersey Cotton Cotbed Fitted Sheet

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Guarantee and confidence in our silk cotbed sheets


SATIN and Organic Jersey Cotton COTBED Fitted Sheets These Fitted Sheets are half Satin (Headrest) and half Organic Jersey Cotton (Bodyrest).

Fully Elasticated all around for a safe, snug and secure fit These will fit COTBED mattresses up to a max of 140x70cm

Designed with OEKO standard certified fabrics to protect delicate hair and skin.

Materials: 100% Polyester Satin and 100% Organic Jersey Cotton

Durable and Machine Washable

Box Dimensions: 23x18x4cm

Our MANE sheets are a great gift idea for newborn babies, baby showers and toddler birthdays.

We love satin slogan as it helps remedy eczema


Packaging perfectly fit for silk cotbed sheets

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